Benefits of Cannabis in Covid-19 Patients

Covid-19 Cannabis Sativa - Covid-19 Kanapes

Coronavirus is probably the most frequently used word in recent months. This virus has caused a lot of panic around the world, and its consequences are destroying not only the economies of the countries but also the lives of the people.

Due to the huge amount of ambiguous information and irresponsibly concluded statistics, it is difficult to determine the true extent of coronavirus prevalence in the world. Researchers are also debating the dangers and origins of the virus. Various coronaviruses have been known and studied for some time. Covid-19 is not considered to be very dangerous for a healthy person with a strong immune system, but a person with certain health problems can have painful consequences.

Researchers in various countries are working to find the most appropriate treatment to help fight this fatal respiratory infection. Israeli scientists have been around since the 1960s. and are famous for their discoveries and startling research findings on cannabis. It is therefore not surprising that in the face of this pandemic and chaos, the eyes of Israeli scientists are turning to this plant. The anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties of cannabinoids are proven and known, making cannabis a potential, life-saving or severe symptom-relieving remedy.

The aim is to conduct clinical trials

InnoCan Pharma, which specializes in the production of cannabis and cannabinoid drugs, has partnered with the University of Tel Aviv to develop a treatment for Covid-19.

The study will be conducted using “revolutionary exosome-based technology” treating a variety of lung infections.

CBD (cannabidiol) from cannabis will be combined with exosomes with high therapeutic potential from stem cells and will be dosed to Covid-19 patients by inhalation. It is expected that the anti-inflammatory properties of this formulation will help the patient quickly and effectively.

Exosomes are nano-sized cellular structures for communication (small blisters that form inside the cell and store information in them). When mature, they are excreted from the cell and travel through the body in body fluids, passing information to other cells, inhibiting or activating certain processes.

It is known that our immune and nervous systems communicates via exosomes. Exosome-based treatment is used as an innovative immunotherapeutic treatment for oncological diseases. 

Combination of CBD and steroids

Another study will be done with a combination of CBD and steroids. Steroid therapy is generally indicated for hospitalized Covid-19 patients. CBD enhances the therapeutic effect of steroids and provides a protective and therapeutic effect on the biological mechanisms affected by the virus.

A small study of 10 patients diagnosed with Covid-19 and receiving steroid treatment at the Israeli Rabin Medical Center is initially planned. The findings of the study should be available within a few weeks. If this treatment proves successful, the second phase of the study will cover 40 patients.

The test is being conducted in Israel by Stero Biotechs, a company that develops CBD research.

2018 In August, Stero Biotechs patented the drug with CBD. It enhances some of the effects of steroids but reduces the dose taken. This avoids the harmful, sometimes fatal effects of steroids.

Anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis for Covid-19 patients

A third study at the Tel Aviv Ichilov Medical Center will look at the benefits of the anti-inflammatory properties of phytocannabinoids in severely ill patients. It is clear that people with Covid-19 experience a variety of inflammations caused by a lung infection, so the use of cannabis and its parts is a reasonable and well-measured action.

“We know that cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties and if it succeeds in stopping the cytokine storm [in COVID-19 patients] that would be very big news.” said Professor Alon Grosman, head of internal medicine at Beilinson Hospital.

Barak Cohen, head of Ichlov Medical Center, is pleased that research will be conducted under his leadership on his claim to be a “safe and non-addictive CBD cannabinoid.” He is the initiator of this study.

It is not just Israeli scientists who are looking for an effective treatment

Strong partnerships link medical cannabis companies “Pathway RX”, “Swysh Inc.” and the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada. A pooled analysis of the data suggests that certain Cannabis Sativa extracts may be used as a preventive measure to prevent SARS-CoV-2 virus infection or may alleviate severe symptoms.

Professor, University of Lethbridge, Dr Olga Kovalchuk and her husband Igor Kovalchuk have been researching cannabis for many years and have brought out more than 1,000 varieties in their laboratory for the production of certain preparations with cannabinoids.

They believe they have about 13 different formulations of cannabis extracts that can modulate certain receptors and proteins (activate or block their production) that are most vulnerable to the new virus and through which the virus enters cells.

The protein/enzyme ACE2 (Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2) is known to be one of the targets of Covid-19 virus. Through it, the virus enters the cell and travels through the body. This protein is abundantly expressed in the lungs and digestive tract, which explains why the virus rapidly damages these parts of the body.

The Covid-19 virus molecule utilizes the human transmembrane protease serine 2 TMPRSS2 and multiplies.

Initially, the extracts will be tested on living tissues, and clinical trials will soon begin with patients. High CBD and low THC products will be used.
Cannabis extracts require detailed analysis to find the most suitable composition and to understand more accurate possibilities for further use for COVID-19. Researchers believe that one effective means of prevention would be a mouthwash containing certain cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids as a disinfectant

In April, Ethan Russo, one of the most prominent cannabis researchers, an American neurologist, psychopharmacology and cannabinoid researcher, and his business partner Nishi Whitely announced the development of the company and the production of new cannabis products. The products will be used in medicine, diagnostics and industry. It is planned to develop disinfectants with cannabinoids that will effectively fight various types of fungi and bacteria.

Knowing how sensitive the topic of the fight against coronavirus is, scientists are not publishing all the details. The goal is to create an efficient, safe, and inexpensive remedy that performs its functions rather than empties the pockets of people.

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