CBD Hemp oil

CBD hemp oil and capsules are probably the most popular CBD products in the world, valued for their convenient dosage and effects. Hemp CBD oils, extracts and capsules in different concentrations, flavors, production methods and compositions provide an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of cannabis for a variety of purposes. Unfortunately, a sea of ​​different products can sometimes mislead consumers and make it difficult to choose the most suitable product.

The goal of We Are Canna is not the abundance of products, but their quality and benefits. We believe that cannabis products should be used for a purpose and not for fashion. Each of our products has a different composition, works differently and provides only the specific therapeutic properties of that product.


CBD 5% full spectrum cannabis oils are available in 10 ml 500 mg and 30 ml 1500 mg dark glass vials with pipette dosing. CBD extract is enhanced with MCT oil, so phytocannabinoids are more efficiently absorbed by the body compared to other oils.

We Are Canna CBD hemp oil is one of our buyers’ favorite products, convenient to dispense in exactly small quantities and to find the most suitable quantity for you. The effective, unique and wide composition of phytocannabinoids and terpenes is reflected not only in taste, consistency, certificates of composition analysis, but also in the effects after use.

We have not forgotten our beloved kittens and puppies, so they are given high-quality 30 ml of 120 mg CBD hemp oil, enriched with Omega (EPR, DHR) fatty acids, Vitamins A, D3 and E.