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Cannabis (Hemp) Tea with CBD 25 g

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Organic, hand-picked We Are Canna cannabis flower tea is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and other micronutrients. It won’t leave you indifferent thanks to its unique properties and taste!

Particularly high-quality cannabis grown in Lithuania is appreciated worldwide, whereas cannabis tea is one of the most popular hemp products.

We Are Canna tea has no psychotropic properties and is, therefore, suitable for people of all ages. The content of CBDA phytocannabinoid (an unheated form of CBD) is more than 2%, while terpenes and flavonoids provide excellent taste and aroma. The composition and safety of the tea were verified by an independent laboratory.

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CBD Cannabis Flower Tea

The tradition of cannabis tea use, which, by the way, originated in Asia, goes back thousands of years. In ancient India, people used to drink cannabis tea to welcome honourable guests. The easy-to-prepare tea, which has countless beneficial properties, has been used for various rituals as well as for daily health improvement.

Tea properties:

  • Improves sleep quality
  • Maintains proper digestion and appetite
  • Supports the immune system
  • Helps fight nausea
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • More concentrated tea aids for excellent relaxation and soothing
  • Helps maintain a good mood
  • Contributes to detoxification processes in the body
  • Great for relieving thirst.

Preparation of Tea

The taste, colour and effect of CBD cannabis tea depend on the amount of raw material used and the method of preparation. It is important to note that most of the substances in the cannabis flower are water-soluble except phytocannabinoids. They are fat-soluble, so you’ll need a high-fat base to extract the natural chemicals from the leaves. Thus we recommend adding some We Are Canna CBD oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil or milk, etc., to the brewed tea.

MILD TASTE: A small amount of cannabis flowers is enough for one cup of tea. A teaspoon will give the tea a mild taste. You can drink such tea in the morning, in the company of friends. Plus it is perfect for people who have digestive problems.

STRONGER: For those who want a “stronger” brew, we recommend adding 5-10g of flowers to 1 litre of hot water and let it stay for 30 minutes up to 24 hours. The resulting concentrate then can be used for making tea by dilution with hot water.

CONCENTRATE: To make more concentrated tea containing cannabinoids, the cannabis flowers should be cooked over low heat for at least 15 minutes. You may want to add some fat at the start so that most of the cannabinoids come from the plant. We recommend drinking such tea in the second part of the day, preferably at bedtime. Cannabis tea can be flavoured with lemon, vanilla, cinnamon stick, honey, milk or any other favourite additives.

You can drip our CBD oil into hot tea to more effectively contribute to the endocannabinoid system. MCT fats in the oil will help separate the cannabinoids from the plant part. Cannabis tea is also perfect with We Are Canna lozenges.

Use of Cannabis Flowers

In addition to drinking tea, you can:

  • Apply the brew that cooled down to dry, damaged skin or after frostbite.
  • After shampooing the head, rinse the hair to improve the healthy look and feel.
  • Steam or smoke it – inhalation of cannabis flowers is gaining more and more popularity.
  • Cannabis flowers can be used to make butter, which will provide you with concentrated phytocannabinoids CBD, CNG, CBC and other natural substances.
  • Ground flowers can be used as spices, incense or additives.
  • For those who like to bathe, we recommend adding a handful of flowers to the water. Not only will your skin appreciate this, but your bathing ritual will be more enjoyable.


Each tea bag contains 25 grams of cannabis flowers.

The quality of the tea is taken care of by Šironija.

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